Leading Women Event - Sydney - 13 May 2019

Leading Women Event - Sydney  - 13 May 2019

Join Christina Guidotti and other amazing women who want to live extraordinary lives at these transformational events. Learn and be inspired by those who know what it takes to reach greater achievement and fulfilment and enjoy their best health, wealth and relationships. Christina is masterful in the areas of success, belief, conviction and commitment. With 25-years proven track record, having walked an extraordinarily successful path as a mum and business leader, she has extensive sales, leadership, productivity, mindset and no excuse culture expertise – all a powerful catalyst for change.

Christina is the CEO of Christina Guidotti International, founder of Leading Women Programs, partner at Thought Leaders Global, keynote speaker and a prolific author. She has proven methods, knowing what it takes to be successful as a woman in business.

Combining inspiration with practical solutions, shifting mindset and attitudes with high energy, humour, authenticity and world class thought leadership, Christina has a mastery of execution and a genuine passion for nurturing potential. Her mission is to energise others to take personal responsibility and help them to build a team of support as the pathway to extraordinary success.

The event has become one of the most powerful growth days for women in Australia.


Date: Monday the 13th of May 2019

Time: 8:30am arrival for a 9:00am start and 5:00pm finish

Venue: Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park, 161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000, ask about our special accommodation deal!

LIMITED EARLY BIRD OFFER: Secure tickets before the 1st of April 2019 to access limited Early Bird tickets at just $350 per person or book a table of 8 for $2,000 which works out to be just $250 per person. 

Investment: $550 per person or book a table of 8 for $3,200 which works out to be just $400 per person – a special day of learning includes 5-star morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch in the Feast restaurant. 

In addition to Christina's powerful thought leading presentation, we are pleased to announce our keynote speaker for this event is Gretel Killeen who says some days you lose your job, some days your kids move out and some days your husband resembles a cocktail frankfurt. Some days you prang the car, you’re stalked, or you’re robbed, some days your hair looks like you’ve been electrocuted and some days all these things happen at once. Gretel looks at the big questions that we’re confronted with in times of calamity: what the hell is life all about and what on earth are we supposed to do with it?

Gretel Killeen is an award winning TV host, comic, author and social commentator with a career that started after she dropped out of law studies and accidentally performed comedy while reading a serious poem. Since then Gretel’s written more than 28 books including several best-selling novels, been a leading voice artist, hosted Logie award winning TV, directed a documentary on AIDS orphans in Zambia, co-directed a short film in India to reduce canine rabies and won a Mo Award for her TV presenting. She’s entertained Australian troops around the globe from Afghanistan to Iraq, Egypt and the Solomon Island, journeyed as a travel writer to Antarctica, to Pakistan with The Fred Hollows Foundation and to Greece and Turkey as an advocate for asylum seekers and refugees on Go Back To Where You Came From with SBS. She is currently in development for a movie adaptation of her novel The Zebra Who Lots its Spots and has just launched her ground-breaking podcast, Handsome and Gretel. Gretel has two adult children and raised them as a single mum.


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Christina has been my trusted advisor and mentor for more than two years now. After 18 years in the industry I am completely relieved to find a woman who is the real deal - a  great speaker, super motivator, PLUS genuinely committed to helping working women/mums who want a rocking' sustainable career and fulfilled life. With Christina guiding me - I have moved from being mediocre - my income has doubled, my health and relationships have improved significantly. I now take holidays and "me" time! I am playing a much bigger and better game since meeting Christina! Thank you.
Nicole Devine - Space Property

Christina has helped me increase my business turnover by 30%. I have been thrilled to have her guidance. She has truly exceeded my expectations. Christina has helped me to find much needed clarity regarding all aspects of my life. I'm feeling healthier and fitter than I have done in years. Christina is a powerhouse, pocket rocket who shows you How To Have It All. I cannot recommend her skills and friendship highly enough. She is so inspiring.
Dr Sarah Woodbury

Over the last few years I have continued to attend Christina's Leading Women Events. In the beginning I could not have imagined that attending these events and meeting Christina would have such a profound impact on my life and career. Working with Christina as my mentor has enriched my life in ways that I did not think possible. She has an amazing ability to guide, motivate, inspire and encourage and has helped me achieve commercial success, increasing my profit by 100% in the last 12 months, while living a life true to my values.
Jean Brown - Jean Brown Properties

I absolutely loved the Leading Women Event! This is excatly what I needed in order to return to my business with confidence and achieve what I want. I am so much clearer on the next stage of my journey now.
Melanie PriceMelanie Price Hair

Working with Christina has been life changing for me, Christina is full support on my personal and career journey and the changes I have made personally and in my business will stick with me for life.  Every woman needs this support network and tools Christina provides, to ensure consistency at work and in life.  Believing in myself and having the courage to do what matters has doubled my income all whilst having a baby in the middle of it!  Focussing on what’s important and having support from Christina who is completely relatable to everything that happens in life of a woman in business are the reason I will always continue to work with Christina.
Tara Torkkola – Byron Bay First National

I found the Leading Women Event to be most inspiring, positive and what I learnt will remain with me to improve my life, my relationship with those I care most about and giving back. Failure has a new meaning for me now because I am going to be a True Believer and walk forward.
Dr Saras HendersonGriffith University Academic

I have known Christina for over a peace now and she is always inspirational - but more than that, authentic, original and unique. Live a life that rocks! Thank you! 
Jodi Russell - Harcourts Mudgeeraba

You are absolute class all the way! Love your message, your energy and your conviction. Would love to work with you moving forward, thank you for allowing me to be a part of today.
Claire TaylorOwner of The Beauty Spot QLD

Christina - I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the day with you and the other like-minded women in attendance at your event. You are inspirational - so much of what you've talked of has struck a chord with me. I am excited to move forward with new clarity and make positive changes. I look forward to the event again next year, and expect to have achieved positive change by then!
Susan Smith - Brian Mark Real Estate

I am a Baby Boomer who boomed then doomed! Lost the belief, checked out, checked back in. Christina has a wisdom that is personal and warm. I now have a new value for my values! Goals have been replaced with marathon values.
Lyn BaylissDigital Specialist

Your absolutely amazing mind and soul has today changed me forever. You have taught me that I need to invest in myself, just like you say "Self-first is not selfish!". From this moment on, I will stop playing it safe and take risks as I want to live a life that rocks!
Deborah Judd - Arthur Conias Real Estate

Christina, what you’ve taught me today has given me the courage to think about what is next and re-focus on what’s important in life. I love your passion, you’re so inspiring!
Sharon ShabanzEloquent Weddings & Events

I thoroughly enjoyed the Leading Women Event. Christina is an amazing speaker, motivator and mentor. Christina has been more mentor for over 18 months and I have learnt an incredible amount from her. She has become a very important part of my life. 
Ann Kenny - The Styling Co

I am a different person and a better version of myself thanks to you!
Tracey MathersTracey Mathers Pty Ltd

Uplifting, motivational, inspiring! I will be continuing the journey with Christina next year. 
Christine McKay - Harcourts Solutions

Today I realised my self-worth. I am more than just a mum and a wife.
Maria Papas

Christina you are a true inspiration!
Roxanne Paterson - LJ Hooker

Today has given my the courage to take control! You are awesome!
Helen MasselosQCS Consultancy 

Christina is a fabulous presenter and someone who could bring anyone to reach their full potential. 
Dianne Bauer - Belle Property 

Fabulous day, loved every minute!
Jo Fraser

I am always looking for new ways to be inspired and Christina has given me that kick that I needed.  
Trina Henry - Lucy Cole Prestige

Christina is generous and keen to help us change our lives for the better.
Sonya Furlong

Christina's event was an ideal combination of inspiration, advice, insights and aspiration. 
Amber DainesBespoke Communications

Thank you - thank you! You have opened up my eyes to where I have to start and finish.
Rhonda Gunn - Runaway Bay Ray White

A great opportunity to spend time not only with Christina but also with awesome women!
Sandra Larkin

Really loved it! It's a part of our industry that is lacking and is just fantastic! 
Roxanne Workman - Remax

Love the truth of the whole day and I'm humbled to be part of the Leading Women Event!
Poppy Comino - The Very Thing

It is so refreshing to be inspired by someone who has done it and is very real! Loved it all! 
Heather de Fina - Harcourts QLD

I have received incredible value from this event. Thank you for the direction and self belief!
Ruth HattenSahaja Animal Healing

I found the seminar inspiring and very different to any other training I have been to. 
Suellen Hale - Professionals

Christina changed my life. I lost 40kg and improved my business. 
Emma-Kate Sanders

The first event I have ever been to where I cried. Not once, but TWICE!
Caterina Romeo - LJ Hooker Oran Park

Christina is a wonderful, driven and focused lady who gives so much! 
Emma BannisterPresentation Studios

I have been to a lot of different conferences but have never enjoyed one as much.
Annie Abra - Harcourts

Absolutely amazing - I totally love you! Such a big inspiration and I want to work with you very soon!
Kristie OrdThe Real Food Revolution

I think Christina is fantastic, I loved the content of today  particularly going deeper and hearing women's stories.
Tara Torkkola - Byron Bay First National

My world is a different place with Christina in it!
Lisa BarberHillross

The most amazing thing about today's event is the sharing with a group of like minded professional women. 
Tanya Mungomery - McGrath

I will work on 'courage' to stand up and live a life of no excuses and no regrets. I love you heaps!
Markela Morfoulis

You are truly an inspirational woman. I love learning more from you!
Shula Kentwell - PRD Nationwide Newcastle

Christina has helped ignite my energy for life!
Elene Spiliotopoulos - QLD Health



Invest in you!

Christina Guidotti is one of Australia’s leading experts on success, belief, conviction and commitment. For over 25 years, she has walked her own extraordinarily successful path as a mum and a business leader with extensive sales, leadership, productivity and mindset expertise.

Christina is the founder of Leading Women – a series of transformational programs and events energising women from all walks of life to achieve sustainable success and empowerment. She inspires women everywhere to trust in her proven methods of success. Christina is also a partner at Thought Leaders Global – an International educational company obsessed with helping clever people in organisations and businesses be commercially smart.

Christina is proud to be awarded Telstra Business Awards NSW 2016 Finalist. This recognition is for all those clients who continue to commit to their success through adopting an excuse free culture.

Christina is a prolific author. In 2012 Christina was the author of How To Have It All, followed by The True Believers in 2014. Her third book Sell It Like You Mean It will be published soon.

As a keynote speaker Christina is a stand out. She combines inspiration with practical solutions, shifting audience mindsets and attitudes with high energy, humour, authenticity and world class thought leadership. Her outstanding keynote appearances are perfectly designed for each occasion creating maximum impact and exceeding audience expectations time and time again. 

With mastery of execution, a genuine passion for nurturing potential and a unique depth of knowledge and skills – Christina is a powerhouse. Her mission is to energise others to take personal responsibility and build a team of support – their True Believer tribe – developing an excuse free culture, as the pathway for extraordinary success. Many clients initially present with lack of purpose and fulfilment – being pulled physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially. After implementing Christina’s tried and true success formulas clients are energised and inspired by their increased achievement and fulfilment at work and in life.

There’s plenty of advice out there on success. What’s unique about Christina’s message is it’s not only about how to create success, but about how to create sustainable success. She mentors and partners with individuals, businesses and organisations to create powerful, life-changing outcomes. Christina delivers real value to her clients empowering them to realise their potential.

Christina knows that once an individual has discovered their own pathway to success, this mastery creates a ripple effect that improves the quality of culture, results, income and long-term profitability of our businesses.

Many people in business struggle as they are:
• ambitious but lacking the real know how to get there
• working long hours without the income to match
• paying the bills but never getting ahead financially
• giving time to others with no time left for themselves
• good at starting new projects but not at finishing
• feeling unsupported and needing someone who gets them
• disillusioned – lacking drive, energy and purpose

Busy working people who are doing it tough need to become top priority for businesses. World Health Organisation reports confirm the crippling effects of stress on individuals. We can keep treating the symptoms, but ultimately prevention is better than cure. Together we need to start treating the causes. It’s time to work smarter and better with ourselves and each other – it’s time to create our True Believer tribe and implement sustainable solutions.

Sustainable success is about individuals and teams taking ownership of their success and creating a rich and meaningful life – the life of their dreams!

She looks forward to working with you through her various resources and programs available here on the CG SHOP.

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