Thought Leaders Preparatory Program

Thought Leaders Preparatory Program


6 month duration with 2 intakes per year in February and August

  • Building strong foundations for thought leaders sustainable success through focusing on the basics and to avoid bad habits entering our practice
  • A place that’s safe to build and maintain confidence and self-worth early and to answer the questions, “ Am I a Thought Leader?” “Am I good enough or ready for my own practice?”
  • A place where we learn to focus and manage the tension of looking sideways and avoid comparison – potentially preparing students for the next stage of integrating into the wider Thought Leaders Business School community
  • A place to learn and benefit from living a no excuse culture – taking ownership of our journey with an immersion of a zero tolerance for excuses and a focus on the right work and support
  • A support place of high compassion, understanding and accountability so to limit the struggle through to white belt and beyond
  • To strengthen mindset for the long game – the marathon
  • A place to learn what our WHY is – our purpose is our driver and motivation.

Who is this program for?

  1. Practice owners not yet at white belt ($120,000 revenue per year)
  2. Those currently in transition: working for others in a job or in their own business and needing knowledge, skills and courage through this period. Learn from Christina who has done this exact transition from business to practice successfully
  3. Business owners wanting to launch a practice alongside their existing business.

What does the program involve?

  • 3 x 45 minute Private Skype Mentoring sessions with Christina
  • 3 x Full Day Workshops with Christina and the program attendees in Sydney
  • Weekly accountability through the Thought Leaders Dashboard
  • Access to the online Thought Leaders Curriculum – presented by Matt Church, Peter Cook and other faculty members
  • Be part of the Thought Leaders Online Community
  • An opportunity to continue the journey, progressing through to Thought Leaders Business School

Your investment

$6,000 +GST


Program workshop dates

February 2017 start – 6 month program 

Venue: Cliftons, 60 Margaret Street Sydney

Wednesday the 8th of February 2017

Wednesday the 26th of April 2017

Wednesday the 21st of June 2017


August 2017 start  – 6 month program 

Venue: Cliftons, 60 Margaret Street Sydney

Wednesday the 30th of August 2017

Wednesday the 25th of October 2017

Wednesday the 13th of December 2017



For more information on Thought Leaders Business School click here

Invest in you!

Christina Guidotti is one of Australia’s leading experts on success, belief, conviction and commitment. For over 25 years, she has walked her own extraordinarily successful path as a mum and a business leader with extensive sales, leadership, productivity and mindset expertise.

Christina is the founder of Leading Women – a series of transformational programs and events energising women from all walks of life to achieve sustainable success and empowerment. She inspires women everywhere to trust in her proven methods of success. Christina is also a partner at Thought Leaders Global – an International educational company obsessed with helping clever people in organisations and businesses be commercially smart.

Christina is proud to be awarded Telstra Business Awards NSW 2016 Finalist. This recognition is for all those clients who continue to commit to their success through adopting an excuse free culture.

Christina is a prolific author. In 2012 Christina was the author of How To Have It All, followed by The True Believers in 2014. Her third book Sell It Like You Mean It will be published soon.

As a keynote speaker Christina is a stand out. She combines inspiration with practical solutions, shifting audience mindsets and attitudes with high energy, humour, authenticity and world class thought leadership. Her outstanding keynote appearances are perfectly designed for each occasion creating maximum impact and exceeding audience expectations time and time again. 

With mastery of execution, a genuine passion for nurturing potential and a unique depth of knowledge and skills – Christina is a powerhouse. Her mission is to energise others to take personal responsibility and build a team of support – their True Believer tribe – developing an excuse free culture, as the pathway for extraordinary success. Many clients initially present with lack of purpose and fulfilment – being pulled physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially. After implementing Christina’s tried and true success formulas clients are energised and inspired by their increased achievement and fulfilment at work and in life.

There’s plenty of advice out there on success. What’s unique about Christina’s message is it’s not only about how to create success, but about how to create sustainable success. She mentors and partners with individuals, businesses and organisations to create powerful, life-changing outcomes. Christina delivers real value to her clients empowering them to realise their potential.

Christina knows that once an individual has discovered their own pathway to success, this mastery creates a ripple effect that improves the quality of culture, results, income and long-term profitability of our businesses.

Many people in business struggle as they are:
• ambitious but lacking the real know how to get there
• working long hours without the income to match
• paying the bills but never getting ahead financially
• giving time to others with no time left for themselves
• good at starting new projects but not at finishing
• feeling unsupported and needing someone who gets them
• disillusioned – lacking drive, energy and purpose

Busy working people who are doing it tough need to become top priority for businesses. World Health Organisation reports confirm the crippling effects of stress on individuals. We can keep treating the symptoms, but ultimately prevention is better than cure. Together we need to start treating the causes. It’s time to work smarter and better with ourselves and each other – it’s time to create our True Believer tribe and implement sustainable solutions.

Sustainable success is about individuals and teams taking ownership of their success and creating a rich and meaningful life – the life of their dreams!

She looks forward to working with you through her various resources and programs available here on the CG SHOP.

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